This blog is dedicated to the study of Hong Junsheng’s Practical Method (Shiyong Quanfa) Chen Taiji.

The Positive Circle (along with the Negative Circle) is the most fundamental exercise in Hong Junsheng’s Practical Method. It is the building block for all other techniques. (For instructions on the Positive Circle, follow this link to one of Chen Zhonghua’s articles.)

I particularly like this exercise and I have found that my taiji has improved when I stopped trying to learn everything under the sun and focused on the basics. When I came back from Hunyuan World 2004 (in Calgary, AB), I decided I would train the circles as a priority. Practically, it means that if ever I am running out of time in my day, I make sure that the exercises I do are the Positive and Negative circles, before anything else.

Hong Junsheng (1907-1996)



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